Advancing The Sanctity Of Human Life On Capitol Hill

Remembering the Preborn, Flowers & Prayer Vigil at the U.S. Supreme Court - January 22, 2020

3,000 flowers will be placed on the sidewalk in front of the Supreme Court at 2 p.m. to represent the American babies that are killed every day by abortion.

January 22 is designated as the National Sanctity of Human Life Day and marks the 47th year since the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Roe v. Wade, along with its companion case Doe v. Bolton, the infamous abortion opinions that opened the doors to killing preborn babies for any reason and at any stage of development. Since that tragic day in 1973, more than 61 million innocent children have been brutally killed by abortion.

That number continues to climb as 3,000 precious lives are aborted every day.

You are invited to participate in the Remembering the Preborn, Flowers & Prayer Vigil by sponsoring a flower as well as helping to place them in front of the Supreme Court.

Picture 3,000 flowers, representing the 3,000 lives taken every day, being laid on the sidewalk in front of the highest court in the land; the court that opened the door to abortion-on-demand in America. Perhaps you know someone whose life has been negatively impacted by abortion. You may not be able to be physically present at this unique witness to the cost of abortion, but you can participate by sponsoring a flower to honor an innocent life lost. Through sponsoring a flower, you are making a visual impact on Capitol Hill to honor the lives of the preborn on January 22nd, so that the anniversary of Roe v. Wade does not simply pass by without acknowledgment of the devastating legacy it continues to have.

By sponsoring a flower to be laid in front of the Supreme Court, you are sending a message to our leaders and citizens across the nation; these lives have value and purpose and 3,000 a day is 3,000 too many.

Thank you for your investment and thank you for standing with us. Together we can be a voice for the voiceless.

Remembering the Preborn
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