Advancing The Sanctity Of Human Life On Capitol Hill

The Bride's Trauma Will Become Commonplace

Mar 5, 2021

We’ve warned you that the "Equality Act" will make abortion a federal right, and EVERY STATE LAW will be preempted—including parental notification and consent, informed consent and doctor regulations. 
In addition to endangering the unborn, this bill will destroy religious freedom and harm women and children. In fact, what one bride recently experienced will become all too common. Read below. 
This dangerous bill must be stopped. Even if you have already responded, we need to keep the pressure on our senators. The battle in the Senate will be fierce, but we can win. —Your National Pro-Life Center team

A beautiful young bride-to-be was thrilled to be picking out a wedding dress. She had saved herself for her husband on their special day, but unbeknownst to her, the wedding store was paying a biological male dressed as a woman to help ladies try on their dresses. The majority of modern wedding dresses are designed to be worn without even a bra...

Because he was wearing a COVID mask and a dress, this man was able to repeatedly undress this bride-to-be, touching parts of her body while helping her in and out of wedding dresses.

When she realized the person under the mask and dress was a man, she was horrified! She never wanted to be undressed before any man except her future husband.

When she complained, the wedding store owner said the store was required by law to treat the man as if he were a woman.

If the so-called "Equality Act" passes the Senate, there will be very little we can do to stop the type of abuse experienced by this traumatized bride-to-be. Your daughter or granddaughter could be next. That’s not fear-mongering; it’s simply a recognition of the new reality that will exist if the bill passes. A crossdressing preschool teacher may help toddlers use the bathroom—or worse, a pedophile will have legal rights.

+ + The threat of this bill got much closer over the weekend.

The House sent the budget to the Senate on Saturday. This means any time the Senate is in session, a single senator can ask to include the "Equality Act" in the budget vote. This circumvents the 60-vote filibuster to allow a simple majority.

Thankfully, this can be blocked. If one senator objects to this maneuver, then a full vote with the filibuster rule is required. We are working with senators to make sure the floor is covered every minute to object as needed.

Rush your urgent fax to the Senate to stop the "Equality Act."

California just gave another example of how far this nonsense will go. California legislators introduced a bill to levy a $1,000 fine against any retail chain that separates clothing, toys or any product for boys and girls into gender-specific sections. Imagine having to shop for a girl's dress!

This California insanity will sweep the country under the "Equality Act."

The "Equality Act" will do more—much more—than affect your shopping habits.

We know it is hard to believe, but the "Q" in LGBTQ comprises about 550 sexually deviate paraphilias—including pedophilia.

The activist group LGBTQ Nation states: "A queer definition ... goes far beyond mere sexual orientation or gender identity."

The "Q in LGBTQ can also signify other sexual orientations and gender identities not covered by the acronym's preceding letters. If you're gender-neutral, non-binary, agender, genderfluid, pansexual, asexual, solosexual or something else not covered by LGBT, the 'Q' has got you covered!"

And if this bill passes, none of us will escape its reach!

If we do not stand up right now, the "Equality Act" will bring persecution to churches and schools. It will silence truth and common sense!

WE MUST STOP THIS BILL! Send your fax to the Senate to stop the "Equality Act" from endangering people in our communities.

While there is nothing that can reverse the abuse of this young bride-to-be, you can make sure what happened to her does not spread nationally. We can stop this abuse from spreading if this bill is blocked.

We cannot emphasize enough how important it is to stop the "Equality Act."

From providing national leaders with the information and inspiration they need to better form their consciences and make decisions in keeping with the common good to defending the privacy of brides-to-be, your National Pro-Life Center team can provide this hope and justice because of you and other faithful donors who give each month to allow us to fight—and win—these cultural battles all across our nation.

We appreciate your prayers and your support. Support the National Pro-Life Center today.

Your NPLC team in Washington, D.C.,

Peggy Nienaber, Vice President

Mat Staver, Chairman

Rev. Gregory Cox, Lead Missionary

P.S. Send a fax directly to members of Congress and urge them to block this horrific bill and its devastating fallout. And then sign our petition against this outrageous bill. God's blessings on you and your family.



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