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Louisiana and Most Americans Agree on This...

Mar 6, 2020

Louisiana State Senator Katrina Jackson with Greg Cox and Peggy Nienaber

This week, the U.S. Supreme Court heard oral argument concerning Louisiana's Act 620, or the "Unsafe Abortion Protection Act." In 2014, Louisiana passed Act 620 to ensure the health and safety of women by requiring abortionists to have admitting privileges at a state-authorized hospital within 30 miles of the abortion center, and to operate with the same level of competency as other physicians. To obtain admitting privileges, a doctor must undergo a higher level of scrutiny and credentialing, which in turn, benefits the people under the doctor's care.

Louisiana's abortion industry has had a long record of substandard practices that have put women at risk. An example of this is the Delta Women's Clinic in Baton Rouge where two women died as a result of botched abortions and countless more were sent to the hospital. A witness affidavit of an employee details the unsanitary conditions and illegal practices that took place at this center. In regard to one particular injured patient, Clark described the surgery room as "filthy," how she knew the instruments used were unsanitary and that single-use-only instruments were often used on multiple women. 

Horrifying, isn't it?

Regardless of a person's views on abortion, can we not at least agree that abortionists should have to adhere to the same basic health and safety regulations as other physicians? Shouldn't women be protected from unsafe, unlawful, negligent, and unsanitary practices? We think so…Louisiana thinks so…and so do the majority of Americans.

According to a survey conducted by Americans United for Life and YouGov, 78% of Americans believe medical professionals performing abortions should be able to admit women experiencing complications from an abortion to an emergency room. And 70% agree that abortion centers should adhere to the same medical standards as a hospital.

Apparently, the abortion facilities and doctors challenging the "Unsafe Abortion Protection Act" do not agree with the majority of Americans. They do not want to pass legislation that would help prevent the house of horrors-type scenario like the one created by abortionist Kermit Gosnell.

Please be in prayer for the Supreme Court's decision on this case, June Medical Services LLC v. Russo. Louisiana's Act 620 is lawful and as long as killing the unborn is legal, legislation like this is necessary.

We had team members inside and outside the Supreme Court, standing with other leaders and organizations, speaking out about protecting women and life. And we will continue to do so throughout Capitol Hill, as we proclaim TRUTH to those in POWER.

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