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An Ultrasound Is Too Political?

May 3, 2019

Should an unborn baby be controversial? Is there harm in showing someone an image of an unborn baby in the womb? You and I may not think so, but according to some billboard companies in Times Square, a third trimester ultrasound image is just too political to display.

This Saturday, May 4th, Focus on the Family will host “Alive From New York.” As part of the event, they will show a live 4-D ultrasound of a preborn baby in the womb. Originally, billboard companies were open to selling screen time, until they found out that Focus on the Family wanted to display a 4-D ultrasound image. Suddenly, screen time was no longer available because a baby in the womb is too political. Nevertheless, Focus on the Family will provide their own digital billboards, and the event will go on as planned.

The “Alive From New York” event is a response to the radical abortion legislation that has passed in many states since January – legislation that permits a life to be terminated at any time, for any reason, all the way through birth! This event is not about condemning, it is about informing. If states like New York are going to celebrate the ability to kill a third trimester baby, then it is important for everyone to see what that life looks like.

Abortion proponents claim the abortion argument is rock solid and irrefutable, and yet they simultaneously do not want people to see the image of an unborn baby. Why? Because, at their core, they know the image will speak for itself. There is power in seeing undeniable life inside the womb, and they do not want hearts and minds to question the morality of abortion. 

This is why it is imperative that organizations like National Pro-Life Center proclaim the sanctity of human life on Capitol Hill. We are actively meeting, educating, and informing the consciences of our nation’s leaders who waver on life issues, and we are encouraging and affirming those who are taking a bold stand for the voiceless.

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For Life,

Greg Cox, Lead Missionary