Advancing The Sanctity Of Human Life On Capitol Hill

What She Saw Changed Everything

Mar 28, 2019

Abby Johnson was the youngest Planned Parenthood clinic director in the nation. With the belief she was helping women, Abby worked tirelessly to further the mission of Planned Parenthood, resulting in over 22,000 abortions at that facility during her eight years. All of that changed on the day she was called in to assist with an abortion procedure. For the first time, her eyes were truly opened, and her life was changed forever.

On March 29, Abby Johnson's powerful story of transformation hits the big screen in the movie Unplanned. In the same way that Abby's life was changed, Unplanned has the power to change hearts and minds. The movie effectively conveys the harsh reality of abortion and the damage it leaves in its wake. It shows the dark agenda of the abortion industry while also extending compassion to those caught up in its deception. Unplanned is a story of redemption, showing the beautiful ability for a life to be transformed for good.

The release of this powerful movie is timely. Radical legislation in states such as New York, Vermont, Illinois, and others, has put the issue of abortion in the forefront of the hearts and minds of millions of Americans. Many, for the first time, are considering their stance on abortion.

Pray for National Pro-Life Center as we minister to those on Capitol Hill. As we proclaim the sanctity of human life on Capitol Hill, Unplanned will help shine a light into the darkness of abortion and inform the consciences of our leaders. Pray for changed hearts and a culture of life to be restored.

And as you pray, please consider giving your best gift to National Pro-Life Center. It is only through the generous contributions of people like you, that we are able to continue our ministry on Capitol Hill. You provide the resources for us to stay active visiting government offices where we educate and pray with and for out leaders, as well as other ministry outreaches such as the staffers' Bible study held at our ministry center.

Thank you for your prayers and support!

For Life,

Greg Cox
Lead Missionary

P.S. I encourage you to go see Unplanned and support the bold men and women who created this film to share a message which many would rather have silenced. One such brave actress is Ashley Bratcher who plays the role of Abby Johnson. Recently, Ashley was on Liberty Counsel's Faith and Freedom radio program. She shared how this role changed her life and revealed her own powerful story regarding abortion. To listen, please visit the link below.