Advancing The Sanctity Of Human Life On Capitol Hill


The National Pro-Life Center on Capitol Hill is the only pro-life initiative geographically located on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. The historic brick Victorian building housing our staff is located just 60 paces from the private entrance of the U.S. Supreme Court. We’re also near the U.S. Senate office buildings, the U.S. Capitol and the Library of Congress. As such, NPLC is an ecumenical effort proclaiming the Gospel of Life to the nation’s public policy makers.

The mission of the National Pro-Life Center is to give the Justices of the Supreme Court, their high level staff, members of the federal judiciary, members of the U.S. Senate and other public policy makers the information, education and inspiration they need to better form their consciences and make decisions in keeping with the common good.

The philosophy of the National Pro-Life Center is based on the precepts of natural law informed by a Judeo-Christian worldview and enlightened by revelation. While not exclusively religious, this philosophy is consistent with the Church’s moral theology.

The National Pro-Life Center’s mission is accomplished through symposia, publications, information sessions, personal meetings with officials and media events. In addition to our work on Capitol Hill, NPLC also reaches out to the members of the state supreme courts. The missionaries at the NPLC also travel throughout the country giving presentations, institutes, conferences and lectures on human life issues.

The missionaries of the National Pro-Life Center welcome inquiries about its programs, visits to Capitol Hill, media appearances and presentations to churches, conferences, schools and charitable organizations.


Peggy Nienaber
Executive Director

Peggy Nienaber serves as the Executive Director for the National Pro-Life Center in the Nation’s Capital, overseeing the ministry’s programs and events that serve to build strong alliances on Capitol Hill. Peggy also serves as President of the Capitol Hill Executive Service Club, a club of executives that has met weekly in the U.S. Capitol for over 40 years.

Peggy has been actively involved with pro-life, pro-family, and religious freedom issues for over 24 years. She also worked on seniors’ issues as a special assistant to television presenter Art Linkletter and legendary singer Pat Boone. She was involved in grassroots efforts that led to the confirmation of two U.S. Supreme Court Justices and the election of many members of Congress. Additionally, Peggy served as an NGO Liaison to the United Nations and participated in the UN Commission on the Status of Women and the World Congress of Families in Poland in 2007. As part of her work with Faith & Liberty, Peggy also co-produced Fox & Friends’ “True Meaning of Christmas” Christmas Eve special in 2011.

Patty Bills
Director of Constituency Affairs

Patty Bills serves as Director of Constituency Affairs for National Pro-Life Center in the Nation’s Capitol. Patty is a graduate of George Mason University, where she was a key member in helping develop the largest Christian Fellowship Group during the 1980’s. Patty organized the Christian Fellowship’s protest against pornographic movies on college campuses; winning the right for the movies to be removed from the higher education universities and having them replaced with positive family focus entertainment.

Prior to the National Pro-Life Center, Patty served as an elected officer for the Canton Chamber of Commerce for 12 years and was the recipient of the Canton Chamber of Commerce Years of Service Award. Patty served as Vice President for the Continuity of Care for 22 years, the largest senior focus community service group.

With over 30 years of customer service background, Patty oversees advocates for National Pro-Life Center and supporting churches. Patty takes interest in what matters to our supporters, prays with and for them; and provides an opportunity to those who serve through being involved and giving.

Patty has been married to William Bills for 29 years. They have a son named Jesse and 2 grandchildren.

Greg Cox
Lead Missionary

Gregory Cox serves as Lead Missionary for National Pro-Life Center in the Nation’s Capital. As a minister of the Gospel for over thirty years, he founded and led successful churches reaching communities of people of diverse racial, social, and financial backgrounds. In addition to his pastoral work, he assisted numerous nonprofits in both leadership and constituency development. 

As founder and president of a consulting company, Greg provided a variety of services to non-profit organizations, including soliciting and training board members, strategic development planning, direct mail and email marketing, parliamentary law and procedure, and grant-writing. He also served on the board of directors for several organizations at the local, state, and national levels, and was as a registered lobbyist in the U.S. House of Representatives and in the Senate.

Greg holds a BA in Biblical Studies, MA in Public Administration, and Ph.D. ABD in Political Science. He and his wife Bonnie have three children and eight grandchildren.