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Supreme Court healthcare 3-26-12 024 - 545h

As courts and government policies turn away from traditional religious definitions of human personhood, it has become essential that the Church assert her right to freedom of religious practice and of conscience protection.


The Church must defend and protect the dignity of  every human being,  of each person, because they are human, created in the image and likeness of God and possess the freedom to choose good and to reject evil. This is true regardless of their status, stage of dependency or condition of life. The Church equally enjoys the dignity of having her origin in God, reflecting a divine mandate and destiny and contributing to the good of society.


The National Pro-Life Center works to secure and advance religious freedom and conscience rights in law and public policy, advocating for the dignity of persons of all religious beliefs and practices.

To see Fr. Schenck address the Religious Liberty rally in Philadelphia click here:
Rev. Schenck addresses religious freedom rally

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