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Catholics United for Life


Catholics United for Life maintains a publishing center at its offices in New Hope, Kentucky. It has seven affiliate groups throughout the United States, plus the organization operates a religious liberties legal defense project known as Center for Law and Justice International. The legal project is located in its own offices in New Hope, KY.


The organization has an evangelism outreach project, the National Pro-Life Center, which seeks to educate the public about abortion issues, including specific educational efforts directed towards religious and governmental leaders. Catholics United for Life provides pro-life newsletters and materials to over 9,000 organizations and individuals in the United States and in several foreign countries. Newsletters, which focus on pro-life and family life issues, are published five to six times a year.


The organization publishes educational pamphlets, booklets and books, which are printed and shipped from the organization’s headquarters in Kentucky. Catholics United for Life provides educational materials and consultation services to its affiliates to assist them in providing assistance and sidewalk counseling services to pregnant women. The information on pro-life matters is geared toward providing an alternative to abortion, and it is distributed free of charge to other pro-life organizations, churches, conferences, foreign missions and prisons when those entities cannot otherwise afford to purchase the materials. The outreach to prisons involves providing educational information to prison chaplains and providing consultation on religious issues.


Catholics United for Life provides speakers and otherwise participates in various Catholic and pro-life conferences and educational programs each year. The legal project, Center for Law and Justice International, is a legal defense project which defends the free speech rights of those who support pro-life positions. The legal project engages in litigation and also represents clients in cases involving the defense of religious liberties and free speech. The project represents clients in numerous states in the nation, plus is involved in cases internationally. In 2006 the legal project provided legal assistance to clients in cases in South America and in Europe, often working with foreign lawyers on these matters. Additionally, Catholics United for Life, through its project, the National Pro-Life Center, sponsored speaking and media presentations to educate people concerning pro-life issues.