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NPLC In Action

NPLC: “Last line of defense on Capitol Hill”

“We’re just a minute’s walk to the steps of the US Supreme Court – the most powerful and influential government entity – so, really, we’re the last line of defense before the Court deliberates and decides…” Rev. Paul CB Schenck, Chair, The National Pro-Life Center on Capitol Hill
The structure of our federal government includes three, “co-equal” branches of government, the legislative, executive and judicial. That is not really the way it turns out though. The federal courts, chief among them the Supreme Court, actually trumps Congress and the White House. So, it is de-facto the most powerful and influential branch.
The National Pro-Life Center is the only Christian missionary organization and the only pro-life initiative geographically located in Capitol Hill within only minutes walks to the High Court, the Capitol and the White House. This means our missionary staff is ready to respond to issues at the Court, in Congress or the Administration at any time. This may mean being seated for an oral argument and interpreting the proceedings to the national media, meeting with members of Congress to urge action or making media remarks at the White House.
In this way, The National Pro-Life Center is often the very last “line of defense” (Rev. Schenck) before drastic changes and reversals may be imposed by any of the federal branches. There are no other ministries or initiatives so strategically located. Your support makes it possible for our missionary team to operate within each of these branches of the federal government.