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Texas Set to Execute Mentally Ill Man

Texas is scheduled to execute Scott Panetti who suffers from schizophrenia at midnighttonight. Efforts are being made to obtain a 30 day stay of execution from Governor Rick Perry who cannot commute his sentence but can delay it to allow further appeals. This is a tragic story involving the murder of two innocent persons who were Scott Panetti’s in-laws and his abduction and confinement of his wife and children. No one disputes the facts. But Mr. Panetti is diagnosed and clearly suffers from schizophrenia and was being treated for the mentally ravaging disease when he committed those acts. The trouble is Texas law which does not allow for an adequate defense and that the court allowed Mr. Panetti to represent himself in a capital case.


My brother and I have supported Governor Perry when he did what was right and just in enforcing laws curtailing abortion and supporting abortion vulnerable women in Texas. Now we are calling on him to do what is right and just again – to issue a stay of execution to allow further appeals to be completed. Our message is a simple one: Governor Perry, don’t kill the mentally ill.


Please join us in calling for the stay of execution. This is clearly a pro-life concern. Every human life is sacred and precious, regardless of what the person has done or not done. In the words of Saint John Paul the Great, “May the death penalty, an unworthy punishment still used in some countries, be abolished throughout the world.” (Prayer at the Papal Mass at Regina Coeli Prison in Rome, July 9, 2000).


Contact Governor Perry:


Information and Referral and Opinion Hotline [for Austin, Texas and out-of-state callers] :
(512) 463-1782

Office of the Governor Main Switchboard [office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CST] :
(512) 463-2000

Pope Francis: Catholic Social Teaching and The Sanctity of Human Life

Defend the Right to Be Born! NEVER Use the Term Abortion Rights

Deacon Keith Fournier

Published on Catholic Online: http://www.catholic.org/news/national/story.php?id=55784

WASHINGTON,DC (Catholic Online) – I was recently reading a popular political news source for an update on a political race in Louisiana. I noticed what is now simply accepted, the use of the term abortion rights. The routine use of this term has given rise to a another term, anti-abortion rights. It is now used to refer to those who recognize the Right to Be Born.

C.S. Lewis, in his “Essay on Words” referred to such a misuse of language as verbicide -the intentional murder of a word. We have witnessed this use of words as weapons of destruction in other times in our history when darkness has momentarily squeezed the light of truth from public discourse.

The claim of a right to abort an innocent child is heinous enough when it is described as a woman´s Right to Choose. People can and do make immoral and intrinsically evil choices such as taking innocent human life.

The current state of the civil law in the United States – since the horrendous Supreme Court decisions in Roe and Doe – is that there is one group of human persons who can be killed by choice, our youngest neighbors. That choice is protected by the Police Power of the State.

Rather than being outlawed like all other intentional killings, abortion has been given a status as some sort of super right in the United States. The media routinely uses deadly loaded language to attempt to hide the evil.

In the United States of America we legally sanction abortion on demand. Depending on the State, it can be done anytime up to and including the child’s passage through the birth canal.

This is no different than if the U.S. Supreme Court had found some right to kill three week old babies after their birth in that penumbra pit from which the Justices pulled this “abortion right” from in the Roe and Doe opinions.

There is no moral difference between killing a baby in the womb and killing a baby outside of the womb. They are both children – and the act is a violation of the Natural Moral Law. That law is written on every human heart and binding on all men and women.

Imagine if the proponents of slavery called it a slavery right because the Supreme Court said it was legal. Well they did, in the Dred Scott decision! We look back on that case in horror, as we should. The Supreme Court could not make a wrong to be a right with the stroke of a judicial quill.

The use of the phrase abortion rights is also an example of the decay of language to which George Orwell referred in his 1946 essay entitled, Politics and the English Language. Evil Actions do not have rights. Only human persons have rights. There is no abortion right. The real right is the one denied in every procured abortion, the Right to be born. Every child has a Right to Be Born.

The shorthand phrase abortion rights is a linguistic tool used by reporters and journalists who have become tools of the propaganda press of a regime denying children the right to be born.

The rise of National Socialism in Germany was prepared by such verbal engineering and decay of language. The evil phraseology of death contained in the book entitled “Life Unworthy of Life”, written by a lawyer/doctor duo of death, Hoche and Binding, led the way to the holocaust.

In that book, the German Doctor and lawyer coined the phrase “useless eaters” in referring to the disabled and those whom the emerging Nazi movement wanted to eliminate. They laid the verbal predicate in language for the construction of those gas ovens in which the unthinkable, the intentional killing of human persons occurred.

This act of evil was referred to as a final solution in one of the most insidious examples of verbicide and decay of language. This evil was actually protected by civil law in Nazi Germany! We look with horror on that chapter in history. And rightly so.

We witnessed another example of verbal engineering and the decay of language in a sad chapter of American history – when slavery was legal. It was even called a right and protected by the United States Supreme Court.

Human Persons whose skin pigmentation was darker than those who then held the power were treated as property and allowed to be legally owned” and used by others – all with the approval of a Supreme Court which had sacrificed the Natural Moral Law and Equal Justice.

A very similar jurisprudence is found in Roe v Wade, Doe v Bolton and their progeny as was relied upon in the Supreme Court in Dred Scott. An entire class of persons, children in the womb,are now relegated to the status of chattel, personal property, who can be disposed of by those who are more powerful.

These children, our first neighbors in the first home of the whole human race, their mothers’ womb, are being killed by chemical and surgical strikes. It is an act of war on a defenseless child. This utter evil is protected by the police power of the State.

Medical science has confirmed what our conscience already knows; the child in the womb is our neighbor. We surgically operate on our first neighbors in the womb. We then put them back in their home and allow them to continue to grow so they can be healthier upon their birth.

We all know they are all members of our human family. Our 4D sonogram technology has made it possible to take baby´s first picture and send it as a birth announcement or place it on a Face Book or My Space page. We send it through our Social Networks.

We marvel at the image of those little babies at the early stages of what is a lifetime of development for every human being. We then use that same technology to direct the weapons of warfare which will dismember them in the womb and kill them.

We do not want to see those pictures. When one of these little ones dies due to a miscarriage we all empathize and say that the grieving woman lost her baby.

However, when one of those little ones dies due to surgical dismemberment, the effects of ingested chemical weapons, burning by saline or death by suction, we call that loss of the baby the exercise of a right?

We all know the truth. Every intentional killing of a defenseless innocent human person is wrong! There is a moral foundation of a truly free and just society. We have forgotten that to our national shame.

I ask everyone reading this article to Defend the Right to Be Born. NEVER, EVER, EVER Use the Term Abortion Rights.

Our case is still making a difference…


As Washington, DC swelters under the summer heat, at the National Pro-Life Center we’re doubling our efforts to challenge our nation to embrace a culture of life. And every day we see hopeful signs that our efforts are bearing fruit.

The Chief Justice of the United States, John Roberts, announced that the US Supreme Court will apply its finding in the case involving our National Pro-Life Center chairman, Rev. Schenck V Pro-Choice, as well as two other cases to a Massachusetts law restricting speech around abortion businesses. Fr. Schenck has also been asked to participate in a Bar Association event discussing my case, for which we thank God.

Please pray more opportunities will come about as a result of this unique opportunity to defend the premier human right to live and our right to publicly defend life.

Now, to a great need we are facing this summer. Everything we do at the National Pro-Life Center only happens because our friends and supporters prayerfully stand with us. And right now we need your help more than ever. Summer is always the most difficult season we face financially, and this summer is no different.

Will you  prayerfully consider a special summer gift of $25, $35, $50, or even $100 or more to help us as we prepare for this unexpected and potentially groundbreaking opportunity at the Bar Association?

To make your fully tax-deductible gift online, please click here.

Thank you for your stalwart defense of Life. And thank you for standing with us right now during these difficult summer months. Together, we are making a difference in restoring the respect for all human life to our nation.