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Father Paul CB Schenck

Father Paul offers the Holy Eucharist.

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Father Paul on Pope Francis and Catholic Social Teaching


The Rev. Paul CB Schenck is available for parish, school and seminary talks, retreats, conferences and preaching.

 Father Paul Chaim Benedicta Schenck is a priest in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania where he is Director of the Respect Life Office, Ongoing Formation of Deacons and Continuing Education for Priests. Born and raised Jewish, he was baptized a Christian at 16 years old by a Salvation Army Officer substituting in a Methodist church. Trained in a missionary bible college, he attended an Evangelical Christian college, a Catholic University and seminary. He is certified in Health Care Ethics with the National Catholic Bioethics Center and completed the Master Course in Bioethics at the Kennedy Institute of Ethics at Georgetown University in Washington, DC. He holds degrees in biblical studies, theology, bioethics and pastoral practice. He teaches in the Diocesan Institute of Harrisburg and Holy Apostles College and Seminary in the Diocese of Norwich.

 Before uniting with the Catholic Church, he was a minister in the Evangelical and Anglican communities. For more than 30 years, he has been active in ministry to prisoners, addicts, the homeless, refugees and immigrants, persons facing crisis pregnancy, members of the abortion trade, health care professionals, judges and politicians. In short, his fellow human beings.

 Father Schenck has been an animal caretaker, janitor, short-order cook, youth minister, substitute teacher, college professor, seminary instructor, author, missionary, federal prisoner and boiler operator, public interest law advocate and pastor. He and his high school sweetheart, Becky Wald, a businesswoman, have been married for 36 years. They have eight living children, one child with God, two daughters-in-law and one son-in-law.

 When he was a Protestant minister, he challenged a federal court order prohibiting pro-life sidewalk counseling, religious demonstrations and free speech activities. The case, Rev. Schenck v Pro-Choice (1997), reached the United States Supreme Court which voted 8-1 in his favor striking down certain speech restrictions of the order. His case was cited by the Roberts Court in the unanimous McCullen v Coakley (2014), striking down the remaining restrictions.

 To arrange for Father to speak at your event, retreat or church, contact Ms. Joy Crimmins, Administrative Assistant at jcrimmins@hbgdiocese.org or call 202-547-0068.


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