Supreme Court

The National Pro-Life Center is the only initiative geographically located on Capitol Hill advancing the sanctity of human life and dignity of the person. The mission of the Center is to give national policy makers, including the federal judiciary, and their high level staff the information, education and inspiration they need to better form their consciences so they will make better decisions. The Center consists of two stately Washington row houses located sixty paces from the Justices’ private entrance to the Court. Five full time missionaries staff the center. Father Schenck is the chair and so leads the vision and mission of the apostolate. The Center also houses the William Bentley Ball Memorial Archives which consists of the original work of the “father of religious liberty litigation” at the High Court. Mr. Ball, a Catholic gentleman, lawyer, philosopher, poet, artist and author, argued 25 cases in the United States Supreme Court including the seminal landmark religious liberty cases that have shaped the judicial doctrine on religious freedom. The Archives are a treasure trove of legal stratagem for the defense of religious liberty, traditional marriage and human life.